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This Week on WXYC
Friday, February 24, 2017

Hi all,
Here's what we have planned this week:
Dedekind Cut just dropped an EP today, so why not join us tonight on the Inside Track to hear his latest full length, $ucessor in full? A former beatmaker for Joey Bada$$, Dedekind Cut (aka Fred Warmsley) on this album makes dark, experimental and synth-driven compositions. Sometimes harsh, sometimes sweet, sometimes beatless, sometimes driving and rhythmic, this album attempts to evoke artist like Coil by delivering a modern approach to ambient, New Age, and industrial sounds. It's a complex and rewarding work and pays off when hearing it in full.
Tonight on NSE, WXYC's resident Pizzabutts return as Brenda and Blue Boy. Tune in for 100% dark and 100% horny vibes. 
For Monday's Outside Track we recommend turning up the dial and listening close--it's the latest from Graham Lambkin, his album Community. As DJ Jonathan G put it: "Community doesn’t quite sound like it was made by a veteran of composition at points, it sounds like the mic was left on after the recording session ended and picked up pencils falling and air conditioning changing from afternoon setting to night setting. At other spots it could only be made by an artist honing his craft for around a quarter century, filled with an atmosphere so particular you swear you’ve lived it before." It's a beautiful and in many ways intimate record and we're excited to share it with you.  

This Week on WXYC
Friday, February 17, 2017

Hi everyone,
Here's what we have coming up this week:
Tonight's Inside Track is the latest release from Baltimore singer and producer Ami Dang. This is her sophomore album, and much like her first, it's a complex and satisfying electronic pop record. She draws inspiration from ancient Indian texts, Bollywood films and American pop music, creating dense, hypnotic beats using vocal loops, sitar and electronics. Singing in both English and Punjabi, her native language, she relates lyrics that both draw from her personal life and adapt and interpret hymns from Sikh scriptures. Hukam, her debut album, has been one of the highlights of our station's library since it came out and we're proud to present her sophomore effort to you.
Monday's Outside Track brings the abstracted midi wonderlands of Typhonian Highlife's The World of Shells. You may recognize him as Spencer Clark or as his work with James Ferraro as The Skaters, but the music of Typhonian Highlife is it's own beast. Clark draws on mysticism and dreams to create his soundscapes, containing flavors of spiritual jazz and new age music that when blended with the crisp, synthetic sounds of his keyboard give it an alien and floating quality--reviewers have thrown terms like “alien exotica” and “dream symphonies” to describe it. There was a lot of high-concept postmodern thought that went into this, referencing everything from Darth Maul and Hellraiser to Joscelyn Godwin and Zulu Mythology in liner notes and interviews. But, even divorced from its conceptual underpinnings this is a gorgeous and intoxicating record.